March 20, 2010

What a year....1969 - Woodstock and Moon landing

1969 was a year of monumental events and a coming of age for the then young Baby Boomer generation. It was the year of my high school graduation and a beginning of entering the world as a musician. Music, politics and world events were shaping the Boomers and how they would want to change their world. It was the year of Woodstock and men walking on the moon.

These events told the Baby Boomer generation that they can do anything, and knowing they can make anything great happen is something that an
adolescent turning into an adult already knows. This is an age when all generations begin to realize an awareness of what their parents did wrong and learn that they are now approaching an age when they will begin to make the decisions of the next coming decades. It's not a process of that much awareness, but more a knowing that "now, it's my turn".

The thing to remember for each new generation is that they will feel the same way. Every generation thinks "they will do it better" and when they reach the age of their fifth and sixth decade, their children will tell them "they did it wrong".

It IS....a circle of life!

Here is a list if events of the year from CNN:

1969: An eventful summer

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