March 16, 2010

Remember The Milkman?

If you’re a Baby Boomer, born between the years 1946 - 1964, you can remember a time when you put the empty glass milk bottles in the milk box on the front porch, perhaps with a piece of paper saying, two bottles of white, 1 chocolate and 1 cottage cheese. Then the next morning, the empties where gone and the items requested were in the milk box. It was so cool to a young child of the 1950’s to find some cold chocolate milk in the milk box. The milk box was a metal box that was insulated on the inside to keep the items inside cool until you brought them in the house. Being a child, I only remember getting the milk, not much about paying for it, but I believe you put the money in an envelope with the empties. It was likely the amount owed from that previous week.

I have always known that if anyone wanted to use a key marketing aspect that would appeal to today’s buyer, it would be to use any angle of the Baby Boomer’s youth. Boomers will line up to buy goods and services that remind them of their innocent youth of the 1950’s. Someone has finally taken the idea of the 1950’s milk man and is making it work today, in Manhattan, in New York City, of all places. The place doesn’t really matter. All that is really needed is a Boomer customer base. The company name is Manhattan Milk and the smiling milkmen are dressed like right out of the 1950’s and they know their customers by name. They deliver fresh, organic milk direct from the farm to your door.

Boomers eat this type of stuff up. Bring back drive ins and ice cream soda fountains, but they have to look sharp, new like they were just built in the 1950’s style of colors, neon and chrome. If it looks good and reminds Boomers of the innocent days, they will come.

What a cool and very smart idea the guys who started Manhattan Milk had and it is working for them. To keep up with current times, they also play up the green and organic theme.


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