March 4, 2009

Baby Boomers Moving In With Adult Children - US News and World Report

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It's a smart thing to do, in these hard economic times and a move toward previous times when families were closer and stayed together to help each other and keep feeling the love and security that only a family can share!

There are some good things coming out of this economic crisis and that is a move toward some better values that may have been lost for a time in our country. People are being forced to be more
frugal in spending and are holding off buying the next thing they would "like" to have as opposed to "must have" to survive.

The other thing is that happening is that parents and children are moving into one home to pool their resources together. It is somewhat usual to think of children of Boomers moving back into their parents home, but a bit unusual to hear that Boomers are moving into their children's homes. As so many Boomers are losing their jobs, they are finding that their either have to move out of the home they can no longer afford or purchase a smaller home and even ask their children to move in with them to help pay for the mortgage.

Yes, families can have issues living under one roof, but a sit down of the whole family to discuss rules of the house and put together a plan with
everyone's honest input can save a lot of grief later.

In this time of the worst economy since the Great Depression,
in most cases, family members are the ones who will stand by and help each other. This is what occurred during the Great Depression and may be what will enable all of us to get through our current crisis.

Boomer parents who find themselves needing their children's help should not feel embarassed or shame in any way. They have been sacrificing and doing everything they could to help their children all of their lives and when families face hard times, there is no greater expression of love than seeing your children doing well and doing what they can to help the whole family survive.

Here is an article on this topic from US News & World Report

Baby Boomers Moving In With Adult Children - US News and World Report


Unknown said...

Interesting post about a new direction among boomers. There are some good things about re-establishing lost values. There is a silver lining, even in a crisis.

Shallie Bey
Smarter Small Business Blog

David said...

Let's keep our fingers crossed! :-)