February 23, 2009

Another one of my Heroes, gone....

This is an article about a celebrity local to Baby Boomers in the Pittsburgh, PA, USA general area.

A childhood favorite icon of mine and many others my age in the Pittsburgh area has just died in recent days. Don Riggs was a major part of my early Saturday mornings in the 1960's. He was known as "Bwana Don" and his program was "Safari" and he showed our favorite "Tarzan" movies, which I loved! Even as Don Riggs moved on to new adventures, he was a long time favorite TV personality and someone who knew the "common folk" and talked honestly and straight to them. We knew what he said was honest and he was highly regarded as a talented broadcaster. He will be sorely missed by many!

So, as another issue of growing older hits home, we see our childhood heroes and celebrities pass on.

Longtime TV personality led high-flying career ‘with humor and grace

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