January 30, 2009

The Last Beatles Concert!!! What can I say???....

What a AWESOME article of the last Beatles concert ever! If the people on the street and in the local area who had the fantastic fortune to be there for not only the last concert, but one of the very few live performances of the Beatles, only realized the significance of this day! I got unbelievably excited just watching the videos from this article! This music stands the test of time. It could have been released today, and is still being recorded and performed by so many musicians. It was a Perfect Storm of talent, time and just fortunate events that led to the music history phenomena known as "The Beatles"! One that formed my lifetime love of music and of so many millions of others!

Enjoy this and explore it fully...give the author a comment on his site as well!

The Last Beatles Concert EVER


Anne said...

Hi David,

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit and kind comments on my Beatles Rooftop Concert lens. It's been a real pleasure "meeting" you!

Carina (aka Squidster)

David said...

You're very welcome! I loved the detail you have gathered. I remember going to the theater to see the movie "Let It Be" when it was released and we were all sad that it was their last. We all blamed Yoko at the time, but it was really just meant to be!