October 31, 2008

How and Why Music Therapy Is Effective

I have long appreciated how music affects our daily lives. In my younger days of performing in rock bands I always put my full emotions into performing. Even in those early days of rock bands, going to concerts and watching the performers play varied versions of their hits with the light shows, smoke and pyrotechnics all added to heighten the emotions of the music. In the case of rock music, it was heightening the power of the music.

We feel some change of emotions or mood anytime we hear music, even if we are not aware of it. Studies have shown that when music plays in grocery stores, shoppers slow down and purchase more items. There are occasions where music that is not a good fit for a situation, or not a favorite to the listener, will enhance the negative mood.

My article posted immediately before this one shows my purpose of my latest CD, "Thoughts of Home" for relaxation. It is my purpose to make others aware of relieving stress of our daily lives by taking some time to find a quiet setting, turn off devices that may interrupt and listen to music to relax. My CD brings you to think of the setting in nature of the title of a song, place yourself in that setting in you imagination and the added perfect music for that setting will greatly enhance your relaxation.

This article attached to this posting shows how much data there is that supports how music is being utilized for health benefits, which I totally believe and support.

Read the article and find some time for trying out yourself and let me know if how your felt the benefits of stress relief.

Music Therapy - How and Why Music Therapy Is Effective

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