October 28, 2008

The Holiday Gift of Less Stress - Alpha Consumer (usnews.com)

The Holiday Gift of Less Stress - Alpha Consumer (usnews.com)

What a GREAT idea! Think of ways to make this Holiday season less stressful! Look for more meaningful, smaller gifts. Perhaps you can order gifts more on-line and do less driving, save on gasoline and the grief of overcrowded malls and looking for parking places. On-line shopping has grown more successful each year, so with the economy crisis, we can plan better and buy less expensive gifts via the web...after all, it really IS the thought that counts!

This is also the perfect way for me to give a shameless plug for my CD of original music for relaxation and relieving stress. "Thoughts of Home" is a perfect gift for anyone who needs a break from our daily hectic times.

( You can purchase at this link: David Lindberg Music or on iTunes & CD Baby on the right side column )

During our current times of 401k's dwindling, job layoffs, election campaign burnout, job hunting, on and on....take a break...turn off the TV, take the phone off the hook, close the computer, get a cup of hot tea or coffee, put your feet up, and listen to "Thought of Home" take you to peaceful settings of nature such as a remote waterfall, peaceful shoreline or a calming rain blended with the perfect music. Guaranteed to instantly calm your mind and body!

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