November 6, 2008

November - National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

My mother suffers from this terrible disease and I had no idea that November was designated to raise awareness of this disease. This just shows you how much the mainstream media needs to put more effort into publishing this! Thank goodness for the Internet and the social media. I have heard some recent claims about new drugs being discovered and researched to cure Alzheimer's disease, but obviously, much more awareness needs to happen.


Anonymous said...


My MIL also suffers from Alzheimer's. I never had the privilege of knowing her in her earlier years. I see my husband struggle to understand this disease as he takes care of a woman who doesn't know who he is.

David said...

Thanks for the comment Beverly. There is nothing good or easy about Alzheimer's...I still find myself thinking, I wish I could call or go to her old apartment and see her, for a split second...only to realize that that's impossible. I visit, of course, but it is only depressing. She does still know me, but she is a different person than she has ever been...It's literally like she is dead...but she is not. There is no closure to this yet.