January 22, 2008

01/22/2008 - No news is good news..

I am still finding myself sort of drifting around so many directions to take in my life for the future. As I am waiting to find out if I am going to be one of the people kept in our latest company reorganization or not, I keep thinking of the fact that for many recent years, I have wanted to do something that was more fulfilling and rewarding to me to earn a living. As I just turned 56 on Jan. 10th, I am obviously not too far from retirement but far enough, and by retirement, I mean being able to retire from my job that I have been doing for 22 yeas now with the same company. I do not want to retire from working... I just want to earn enough money to keep our lifestyle about where it is, which is middle, middle income, but be doing something that will satisfy my creative self.

I have been a musician most of my life and there is absolutely no doubt that I should have made that my strongest effort to be my job. I know I had the talent to do it... it is what I was meant to do, but my lack of courage in my younger years made me always try to stay in that "9 to 5" type of job that would be more dependable for my family. Now, I am not using the fact that I had a family as an excuse. I fully accept that only I made the choices, but just that the family did make me think I should not go the risky path of trying to earn a living as a musician. Be that as it may, what happened is what happened... not bad choices, just should have been better ones. There is nothing better than finding something you love or that you are best at and then finding a way to make money doing it. It is the best way to live a lifetime.

So, right now, I may be soon faced with having to make some hard decisions, especially if I do lose my current job. That is one of the things that has led me to exploring the blogging world as I have found that many earn a living from doing it. Is it something meant for me? That remains to be seen, but never the less, it is still worth exploring and learning. That is just one of the things I am checking out right now. Others, obviously will involve music, which I will elaborate more on later.

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