January 25, 2008

still tweaking my blogging site......

I am still tweaking the subject matter and how to use blogging. As I have been experimenting creating blogs with blogger.com and Wordpress, I find that I am posting on various subjects, and yet some what centering on a theme of using good judgement or "common sense" with all the issues or things that come my way... from trying to help other Baby Boomers learn internet and social networking tools, to dealing with major life phases like caring for my mother showing signs of dementia and other aging issues. Hopefully, using a strong faith in common sense or listening to your inner self, we can all share some knowledge of how to deal with these life experiences.

I will also use this site to help the people who are my age and were born in the 1950's but have wanted to understand the many technologies they have seen come into and change the world.... and are either ignoring them or are afraid of them. I am sure there are many of my fellow Boomers out there who understand all of this, but I know there are so many more that are watching their children do and speak of things that they are totally clueless about.This is about two generations. One of which watched the birth of the Internet and the other who think of it as simple as rain and how can you live without rain?I have been involved in the Information Technology world as my job for 22 years now and as I have recently turned 57, I find myself looking for more meaningful ways to not only earn income, but to feed my creativity and maybe help some others along the way.I will attempt to post my thoughts about all these new technologies, such as social networking, blogs and wikis in an effort to explore this world for my own learning as well as strive to look for my audience of Baby Boomers, who would perhaps like to understand more about all of this "stuff".

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