January 19, 2008

just good Common Sense....

I have always known that one of my best gifts is common sense and the awareness that I have everything to learn yet in my life. I sometimes feel as though I understand how certain people seem to be able to see the future or tell fortunes. I never used to believe that anyone could tell my fortune and I would never go with anyone when they would ask me to go and check out a fortune teller. Then about 10 years ago, my wife and I went to a friend's dinner party and one of her friends was someone who was supposed to be able to tell fortunes. As I felt comfortable with friends, I thought I just have some fun with it. Others were very into it and getting advice about meeting new love interests and so forth. Then it came to my turn and she just held my hand, looked at it and simply said that I was OK and nothing really big was coming, but she did say "there is something about your eyes..make sure to eat lots of carrots." I laughed and never thought anything of it and even when years later, I was diagnosed as having glaucoma, it took me a long while before I remembered what she predicted. I think this is just a talent of being able to actually "feel" another person's thoughts and feelings. There are many beliefs that may be hard to show proof that they are real.. but they can't be disproved either. Just because I have never seen a million dollars doesn't mean it doesn't exist. With all the advances in technology, think of all of the bits of data that are flowing all around and through us looking for their receivers or vessels that will change the data back into real physical data that we can see and touch on our computer and mobile phone screens. There is an infinite amount of "stuff" that we all haven't seen or know about yet, and yet that does not mean that it doesn't exist. My point is that maybe when you think you have really good common sense or seem to be able to tell when a person is lying to you or that they are a bad person but they are good at convincing others how nice they are... maybe this is just a gift that you can feel what is going on around you and you can feel what a person is like or is thinking. Maybe some people are just really... really gifted with this same high level of "common sense".

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