October 6, 2009

Baby Boomer innovation continues to affect all things

Just because boomers are growing older doesn’t mean their affect on everything is diminishing. It’s not like the younger generations are going to have more impact, as their numbers just are not there. As boomer ideals and ideas changed culture from their previous generation as they became adults, so are they continuing to change what the words retirement, death and funeral mean.

There are many articles written about how the number of boomers will put unprecedented strains on our economy in the future, but one article from Reuters.com, the international multimedia news agency, is about how boomers will change how we have traditionally held funerals. In the article, Baby Boomers to inject new life into funeral industry, one boomer is planning her funeral pre-arrangement celebration. She does not want the typical somber and sad church funeral service. She is planning her favorite music to be played during event, as a celebration of her life.

Funeral companies have also felt the recession, as more and more people are requesting less expensive cremations. The funeral business should have no fears of a bleak future, as boomer numbers will more than compensate for this temporary loss of business. Just as Baby Boomers will find new meaning for the word funeral, with parties and life memory videos, etc., they will also become funeral business owners and will look at the future with that same innovation, if they are smart.

The video is from an innovative site called MemoryOf.com
an online memorial website.

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