September 27, 2009

A Seinfeld Reunion?

It's being billed as "It's not a reunion show, but it's the closest you'll get".

If you are a fan of the "Seinfeld" series, you will love HBO's, "Curb Your Enthusiasm", especially this year! Larry David co-created and co-wrote the Seinfeld episodes, that we all know and love as one of television's best comedies ever, with Jerry Seinfeld. 

Many fans of "Seinfeld" still watch the reruns every day and yet are not aware that Larry David was an integral, if not the key factor in that series. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is now beginning its seventh season and has the exact same flavor of comedy that made us love "Seinfeld", with the exception being that it is on HBO, which allows it to have a mature audience theme. 
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" has a reality aspect, as it stars Larry David as himself, the co-creator and writer of "Seinfeld" who lives in L.A. and shows us his daily life, seen through the same twisted viewpoint that George, from Seinfeld would. The character, George Costanza, on Seinfeld was actually Larry David. 

David is one of the most genius comedians of our time, although he would be the first to laugh and run away from that comment. "Curb" will often make you squirm in your seat as it pushes certain aspects of life to uncomfortable levels, in ways that only Mr. David could. You will have to watch the show a few times to fully appreciate this.

"Curb" also has that same twist of events throughout each episode that intertwines each little occurrence and comes to a genius climactic moment of comedy at the end of the show. One example of this was in the episode "The Marine Biologist", where the golf ball obstructed the blow hole of the "great beast", or whale, as mentioned by George, followed by Kramer asking, "What, is that a Titleist?"

This year will be a great one to check out "Curb Your Enthusiasm" because of at least one episode titled, "It's not a reunion show, but it's the closest you'll get". All the actors of "Seinfeld" are coming to "Curb" to do a Seinfeld Reunion show, brought together by Larry David, but in reality, only on "Curb", so it isn't actually a typical and real reunion show.

Here is a "behind the scenes" clip of the reunion show:

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