March 19, 2009

Baby Boomers - How to stay focused when changing careers!

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With this being a unprecedented time in our country, since the Great Depression, coping with these times can cause stress and most likely, related health issues of which the extent is yet to be fully realized. Many who are unemployed are dealing with searching for jobs in times when nearly all companies are continuing to announce layoffs. This is indeed affecting all age groups, although, as the largest sector of the population belongs to the Baby Boomer generation, it is occurring when Boomers are nearing retirement years. This is causing many Boomers to face the fact that when companies begin to hire, will they want to hire a Boomer who is not far from retirement?

These factors are making Baby Boomers wonder if they should make a career change or only seek any type of job for a few years until retirement.

This all can be overwhelming when you think of all the aspects at once! As I personally struggle with the balance of trying to pursue and succeed at a new career as a self employed song writer/musician OR just finding a job with the experience I have from my previous job, for me, it is a goal of mine to stay focused on how I felt during my corporate job years and my constant feeling of regret for not using my God given talents. In my past, I have ALWAYS thought of the whole picture of not only my feelings, but everyone in my life who is also affected by my actions. This, along with my lack of courage or fear of risk, has always led me to just earn an income, to bring home a check. This path always led to feeling out of place in my job, regretful for not challenging how much I could accomplish by pursuing my dreams and not being fully successful at that chosen profession. I always had the knowledge inside me that others seem to be better than I at this work, while I have within me capabilities that others dream of! It constantly churned within me, making for many many unhappy years. I would survive these years by focusing my happiness on many things that my income did provide, but these things did not make me happy at work, where we spend so much of our lives!

Staying focused on how I felt all of those years keeps me on track for my current endeavor! Even as my success is not apparent on a daily basis right now, I AM indeed happier in what I do for hours each day! This happiness, I feel with all of my being, will lead to success, IF I have the courage to stay the course and not give in to my fears of failure!

If you find yourself in a situation that seems similar in any way to mine, when you doubt your course, remember these 4 points:

(1) Remember the exact reason WHY you are making the conscious decision to change your career!

Keep evaluating your economic situation to stay ahead of major hurdles and possible financial woes. Seek out fiancial help ahead of time!

Be frugal in your spending choices and yet be willing to spend on your new career when you feel confident of the benefits.

(4) REMEMBER that inner happiness WILL bring success eventually!

In the meantime, don’t lose or waste a day worrying only to find it gone. When I worked my 40 hour a week corporate job, much of the time I wished to be somewhere else, doing exactly what I am doing now!

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mypricelesslife said...

David, this is a very heartfelt and moving blog post. Is that your music playing? If so, it would truly be a pity for the world not to get a chance to hear more of it! I hope you are able to continue in your endeavors. I left the corporate grind a little over a year ago to write and coach. I am right there with you. All the best,

Iris and

David said...

Thank you for your comment and encouragement Iris. Yes that is my music. I also read the article on your site about chain letters and totally agree. Having worked in the technical world and knowing the damage and huge burden of traffic on web servers, etc. I have always immediately deleted all such emails and letters as well. Everyone who knows me, knows that they will likely get a lecture on sending such emails, so they stay clear of me on that. :-)
Continued success to you as well and stay in touch!

David said...

Iris - I forgot to say that I am so glad your son recovered!
Thank you again!

David said...

Hello Iris. I just wanted to send a note of thanks for reading my blog and I hope all is well with you. Continued success and take care!