March 21, 2009

Great site for Boomers to instantly create great videos!

If any of my fellow Boomers love sharing family pictures...and who doesn't, you will love this site! My wife and I have created several videos for family reunions and the like by scanning old family pics and putting to music for a memorable and emotional video that are always great hits at family gatherings. There are several good software programs you can use, but I have found a website that does most of the work for you and actually with one click, creates one of the most professional looking videos you can create for about the cost of one greeting card. As Boomers are dealing with being job loss, retirement or learning about social networking, creating family memories can be fun but also very time consuming. You do have to gather the pictures you want and arrange them when using Animoto's site, but the professional arrangement and movement of the pics with your favorite music is all done in the background, easily! I love the ones I have put together in less than 15 to 30 minutes!

You will love this website to great professional looking videos for family members! To create a free short video is
free and a longer one is only $3, the cost of a greeting card and it's so easy to do! This is an example of one that I created for my daughter's 20th birthday!

Watch the video I created and then check out the savings deal below!

Click this link to check out Animoto for yourself. When you create your new user ID, be sure to click on promo code which will automatially enter a code for a $5 savings!


Savaş Çocuğu said...

Thanks for all David.
i like your music, it is so fantastic :) i listening your music and be happy:) see you thanks again.

David said...

Thank you for reading and your complements! Have a great day!

David said...

I just wanted to send you a thank you note for reading my blog. What is your blog and I will check it out as well.