January 21, 2009

A New Camelot.

We have a new Camelot couple again! I was only 8 years old when Robert F. Kennedy became our 35th President and I can remember being amazed by him. It was my awakening to the world and our government. This was because he was young and captured the imagination of the youth. He had a young wife and family and the couple were the youthful image that the country needed and wanted. Today, Barack and Michelle Obama bring that same youthful vision to our country. They have captured the youth of the world as well as all ages. Inauguration Day was full of this youthful imagery. I watched most of the events of this day of history with the same wonderment I had when I was 8 years old. There were many negative comments about Barack being to young and inexperienced and that his message of HOPE was not a plan and was not enough to lead this country in times of crisis. HOPE is exactly what we all needed to hear and feel. Barack is not going to FIX the problems of our country alone. He is inspiring all of us to come together as ONE, to ALL work to bring the country to a better place, as the people of the United States have always done in our country's history and insure that our county's ideals survive and continue. People all over the world are actually feeling good and inspired by the United States of America once again. The youth all over the world are beginning to feel love and admiration for the United States rather than filling with hate. It is the seed of LOVE that will make our world continue into the future. This seed is being planted right now!

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