September 24, 2008

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

A study has shown that pollution may be actually decreasing the number of males being born. Some women may say that’s a good thing...some may not, but clearly it is a display of the many subtle things that occur from our lack of care about what we do with our garbage, how products are being made with the wrong materials and our government’s lack of insuring that companies are eliminating these pollutants in their products and services.

The article from

Is Pollution Creating a World Without Men?

The article gives reference links to and to the data from a team of Scandinavian scientists who did the study of how pollutants are actually decreasing hormones in women that have an affect on their births being either male or female, amoung other side effects.

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Gerri said...

If all of that is true, that is a bit disturbing. We are all working towards our downfall. I am sure though that a number of women would be happy with a world with less men......