August 21, 2008

Video from The Pickens Plan Website about Sweetwater, Texas

This is a video about the town of Sweetwater, Texas and how the little town that was pretty much abandoned by most of its people years ago and is now being revitalized because of the jobs that have become available in the Wind Energy Industry. The town’s work force is now 20% from the Wind Industry. Sweetwater is being looked at as a model of how many more similar towns across our country can benefit from the surge of new energy businesses.

If you think of the list of benefits of using wind as a large part of our energy, it is larger than you may first think. First, there is the jobs and economical benefits. The new industry will create thousands of needed jobs to our country. It also gives families who have been struggling for decades as farmers a new source of income by being paid by the wind industry to use their land.

Next there is the fact that as we need less and less oil from the Middle East and other areas around the world, there will less need to become involved in the conflicts that occur in those areas.... perhaps we will not have to jump into wars that are based on oil! I am not saying that we should close ourselves to the global economy, but that we should NEVER depend on any ONE source or country for our needs. We all know that we shouldn't save our money or invest in only one source don’t we? Diversify is what we are all told. This is the way our country needs to think about the global economy as well. If we are able to become less dependent on other countries for our needs, it will make them MORE dependent our us as well, which will benefit our economy.

Lastly, we will finally START putting our words into actions to put a stop to our planet's global warming and STOP thinking about only ourselves and our current times. We all know that it is our job to leave a better world for our children... not a worse one! In the article I posted just before this one, the young girl spoke of how we adults are not doing what is needed to give them what we were given. If we bring a child into this world, it is at that moment that we have the responsibility to give that child a better life than was given to us.

The actions that we take NOW, in these times of the beginning of this millennium, will determine how and IF our children and their children will be able to enjoy all the GOOD things that we have had throughout our lives.

Please watch the Pickens Plan video and join the website and do whatever you can to CHANGE the direction that we have been going in....



Anonymous said...

Pickens is probably great..I have a good friend who works for him..However about twenty years ago or so I invested with his company...and lost it all...

David said...

I have some caution about his movement...after all, we have to remember what he has been for many years and he is most likely just being foward thinking and investing in the next energy resources. The good thing is that it IS making some noise about new ways of getting our energy, so for that, I promote his plan. We will all keep a watchful eye on him and other like him for sure!

Thanks for you comment!