June 24, 2008

Boomers are Reinventing Themselves

As many of us are now approaching the times of our lives when we are seriously thinking of the future and looking to better our health and well being, we are realizing that part of this betterment is thinking about what we are doing for our careers and lives. We begin to wonder what will we be doing that will leave a mark or legacy of why were here. Even on a small scale of our own families, we wonder if we are leaving our children or families better off for their future. Coupled with the growing awareness that along with this increased movement toward longer and productive lives and the mere fact that we may need to continue to work and earn income past what was typical retirement years to previous generations, leaves us with looking to changing careers or finding new efforts that not only earn income but feed our inner needs to enjoy what we do for a living!

Here is one article that points out how women are finding ways to do just this:

"Writing in the Middle Years, for Fun and Profit" - a teleseminar "two-part series begins July 8 and will offer boomer women insider secrets and keys to writing your book, branding yourself as an author and expert, the different publishing options available in today’s markets, and strategies for attracting publicity for your book." The teleseminar is presented by the National Association of Baby Boomer Women(NABBW), the only association devoted to addressing issues concerning the 38-million strong Boomer women demographic.

This article was found on NewsReleaseWire.com

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