June 25, 2008

Boomers and Politics...Times are a-changin'

Boomers and Politics....this article points out that times are a-changin' A commentary article from the Telegraph-Journal, a daily newspaper published in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, (Wikipedia) provides an interesting viewpoint from outside the U.S. on how the influence of the Baby Boomer generation is changing from what it has been in the last 2 decades.

(link to article: http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/article/331665 )

The premise of the article points out that between the Clinton (a baby boomer) years and the Bush (a baby boomer) years, there has been this Baby Boomer prospective leading the U.S. and that this is now changing. The Democratic candidate is younger than boomers and the Republican candidate is from the 1930's, pre-boomer generation. What the outcome from this change will be remains to be seen, but the fact is that our country is indeed looking for a major change. It seems obvious that there is great dissatisfaction from the majority of the people of the country, especially from the occurrences of the last decade. This seems to have almost with a gale force wind, began the push of the pendulum toward the center and opposite side.

It always seems that, like the forces of nature, nothing ever keeps a pendulum centered and balanced. It appears that it must be constantly pushed to it's extreme end and thus begin its way back, not to stop or slow toward balance, but again, as far to the other side as possible. We are in a universe of constant change and now our country's politics is going to change. Let's all hope and pray for the better of us all, at least for a long while.

Keep hoping for that centering and balance, but don't count on it!

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