February 19, 2008

Boomer Career Changes

I will be entering a new phase in my life as of May 5, 2008 and I am very excited about the possibilities!!! I was notified that my job was officially outsourced as of today and although it is terrible that this kind of thing is happening in our country, for me, it is a welcome kick in the butt to get me moving in a direction that will probably add years to my lifespan, due to the stress release of about 20 years doing a job just to pay the bills.

I know in my heart that I should have really left this job years ago and put my true talents into what I did for a living. My problem has always been a lack of courage to take the risks or just the fear that I would fail. I wanted to stay safe. It was easier to just keep going to work and dealing with everything that frustrated me rather than face the things I might have to do to succeed in other careers, or so I thought! As I think about all the years of not being happy at work, I realize that my fears of changing or leaving were unfounded. It would have been just as hard or most likely, not as hard to face the unknown challenges, because they would be using my natural talents and thus really would have been easier in the long run.

Oh well... that's water under the bridge now. Now is the time to use my God given talents, along with my maturity, which gives me the wisdom and confidence to face whatever comes along. I now know that I will succeed in whatever I try, because I will make it happen, with a true passion and drive to not only earn an income, but to wake up everyday and WANT to work!

This is a challenge that so many Boomers are facing today as our economy is staggering and we are dealing with how to pursue our dreams in a global economy that must deal with that much more competition. We are not just the United States of America, dealing with our own struggles, but we are all people of the world and all dealing with the pursuit of happiness along with every other human on the planet.

Here is a link to a good site called Mature Resources - Your Connection to Positive Aging.

I will continue to add posts of my efforts to start my new career opportunities.

Check back for more info.........


blythe said...

Best of luck to you in this adventure! Sometimes it does take something drastic to make you make that change. For me it was my mother needed extra help, I got hit by a car while riding my bike to work, my kid was experimenting with drugs & alcohol, and my marriage was on shaky ground. I was working 50-60 hour weeks and felt underpaid and unappreciated - I hated it. I stepped back and said, "What is wrong with this picture?" Everything. I was fortunate because my husband was very supportive and we figured we could still make things work with the reduction in pay. I helped my mother until her dying day, which I never regret. And now I have time to pursue a lot of creative things - I have time with my family - and its possibly the best time of life so far! These are scary times, but also good times to put what is important in perspective. You can make it work!

David said...

Thanks so much!!! We never know how much something we do helps someone else out. Your thoughts in your comment and all of you writings in general are more helpful than you can imagine!!! It gives me great hope that there are so many more good people in the world than I imagined.

Jen said...

Good luck on your journey. What will you be doing this time around?

David said...

Exactly what I will do is a hard question right now. Since I knew about the possibility of this and I have wanted to do other things for a few years now, I have a few ventures I want to investigate. I have been investigating some franchises for a couple of years.

Open a music store, selling all types of instruments, such as guitars, keyboards, drums, etc.
find an IT related part time job involving mobile technology solutions or social networking consultation.
publish and sell original music for various occasions and/or songs with lyrics and vocals via the web.
create and produce video productions of family histories, events, etc.
reorganize a band to play "unplugged type" music of various genres. (coffeehouse music...)
collaborate on song writing with a high school band conductor/song writer local friend.

Most likely, I will be doing a bit of many of these. My wife and I need to evaluate spending, reduce spending, downsize some things (don't know the extent of that yet... as needed). I need to earn enough money to take care of most of our bills, while she pays our mortgage. A lot of work... but exciting work. In the end... I know in my heart we will be fine or better off... as long as we have each other, we can live anywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

Music store!!! Ooh ooh can I do that one? Isn't it great to start over again? I'm so excited for you!