February 18, 2008

Oh them cha cha cha changes!

I will find out tomorrow morning (Feb. 19, 2008) if I am one of the IT persons who are being laid off or not. It has been since about November of 2007 since we heard that some sections of our IT organization will be outsourced and I am in one of those affected groups.

I have to say that the company and the management has been quite fair about how they have handled this. This has happened before a couple of years ago and those people where more or less told the day they found out, to leave. That kind of a surprise is hard to take! At least this time, we have all been prepared and given time to think about how to handle this. I have worked here for about 22 years now. Although I wouldn't have minded this lasting for a few more years until I could start collecting retirement, if I had to. This is just meant to be.

As I said in my earlier post.... everything happens for a reason. I have wanted to do something for my career for a few years now and have researched franchises and other ventures. I do have some creative ideas to work on and if I am let go, I will then have the chance to work on developing them. My wife and I are ready to deal with this and I absolutely feel that this will work out for the best!!!

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