July 21, 2010

Just last week, I only dream’d of being an on-tra-pra-nor....now I R one!

I have been talking about starting my own small business for so long, that it was starting to feel like that’s actually what I do....”talk about it”. I finally received the funds I need and signed a three year lease on a space in a shopping plaza.... ME!!!!!.... owning a business in one of dem’ dere’ shopping plazas, that I always drive by and get my hair cut and by a burger, or a D.Q..... I have to say...it was an out-of-body experience driving down to the owners office and signing that lease. I still feel like I’m dreaming. I can only image what I will feel like when I see construction going on and watch this creation come to life. It is all exciting and all scary at the same time!

The journey that has led me to this point is one of exploration, asking questions, and getting a HELL of a lot of wonderful, experienced people to help me find my way through the weeds and help me find the path. I have been creating a L-O-N-G list of these people to thank for walking me here, to where I am now. In the end, I realize that I have done some things that I look back on and am amazed! Who is that man behind that curtain?.... ME, that’s who!

Almost one year ago, in August of 2009, I enrolled in a Community College course, “How to Start a Small Business”, which was a six week course of a lot of information and a general teaching of how to start and a lot of resources to start investigating. It was a great way to begin my journey. Although I had already formulated my business idea before the course began, it made me aware that I have committed myself to this journey...I spent some money and placed my first baby-step forward. The biggest thing I learned from the course was how only through my passion and persistence to work through any and all obstacles, would this ever become a reality. Many a day over the last year, I have woken in the middle of the night, wondering “what in the hell am I thinking?... this isn’t something that I WOULD DO!!!”. Each and every time I have said that to myself, in a manner of speaking, I slap myself in the face to awake from that self doubting nightmare. It’s the same nightmare I have been waking from all of my life, but NO MORE! NO MORE will I listen to that self doubting inner voice that has held me back for over 50 years! At the age of 58, as I look back at many things I have accomplished, many of them in just the last decade or so, I come to a realization that I can do achieve a goal, IF, and ONLY IF, it is a true passion and ONLY IF I don’t stop moving toward the goal. Obstacles are only learning experiences and things to work out, work around and move aside, and most importantly....remember and learn from.

There is so much more to do to make this dream real and even more importantly, successful, and I know there will be many more mistakes and lessons learned, but I will always remember to push the negativity aside, look for a solution and keep moving forward. The first payback will be seeing my goals become real. The ongoing payback will be proving that I was correct in thinking that I can do great things. The most important payback will be waking up each day and looking forward to doing something that I absolutely love! Everything beyond that is all gravy!

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Dave said...

The best of luck to you in your new endeavor! Based on your description, I believe that your passion is what will make each morning worth getting up for and each challenge worth facing. You are a realist in expecting bumps along the road. But doing something you love for YOU and not some corporate entity - that is where the satisfaction will come from. Keep at it and congratulations.