May 3, 2010

One of the greatest actors ever, Jimmy Stewart, also an awesome poet

I found this great Baby Boomer site called Baby Boomer Baloney that brings out the importance of humor in our lives. Their message is "Have you laughed your buns off today?" Laughter is one of the greatest medicines. I love those times when the least littlest thing puts you into a state of laughter to the point of crying. Although it seems at the moment that you may lose consciousness at any moment, it is still good for you! 

On the other end of the spectrum, often times a tear in the eye, or even a good cry can do great good for the soul. 

There are some great videos clips on Baby Boomer Baloney, many of which are funny, but here is one moment many of you may remember from the King of Late Night talk shows, Johny Carson from the Tonight Show. 

One of our greatest actors ever, Jimmy Stewart reading a poem he wrote about the love of a dog. These kinds of moments make you stop in your tracks and think about these precious moments in our lives that are "special". 

Whether it be laughter or tears, emotions are important and need to be thought of and allowed expression. I have never believed in the notion of men not crying. Sometimes, when someone holds back tears in sad moments, it is often a message of strength for others, to show them someone is there for support of the others who are sad. It is not to be thought of as a message of not caring or that men shouldn't cry. There are many ways that people express sadness or joy. Never the less, it should not be forgotten that expression and release of emotions can be tremendous stress relievers and good for the physical and spiritual being. When you can, enjoy the expression of emotion.

Check out Baby Boomer Baloney for your "laugh your buns off today" moment!

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