April 19, 2010

It’s all about Have’s and the Have Not’s

The country has gone insane. The rich and powerful have had so much unbounded freedom for so many years that now that the pendulum is swinging the other way, and about the government giving more programs to the middle and lower income, all hell is breaking lose and all is in the name of “freedom”.  The only freedoms that are in jeopardy are freedoms of the rich and powerful facing paying up to their share of the burden. This is something that they have been getting away with for years and they don’t want to go down easily. Rich do not get that way by having money fall out of trees. They make money happen and they don’t like it when the government calls them on it and starts taking some of it back. The really amazing thing is that the amount they may have to give up will not even be missed by them!

The rich are using every trick in the book, including scaring some middle and low income people into believing that they are going to lose their freedom. They use words that have been used for more than 50 years to scare people. Words like socialism.

I believe the truth is that the majority of people in the U.S. are growing extremely sick and tired of the media following the maniacs around the country. The majority of the people of this country are not that stupid to believe the acting and staged scare tactics.

It’s so funny that none of these so called freedom parties have not been outraged for the last decade. Only now do they think the government is getting too big and spending too much money. The last ten years the government was never bigger. The Patriot Act almost trashed the Constitution completely, in the name of finding terrorists anywhere, but listening in to the general public’s communications, without court orders, by using the rammed through, Patriot Act. The country’s budget went from nothing to billions in the red. All of this happened before the election of President Obama and before the new freedom parties started marching all over the country screaming about government takeover.

The mainstream media is almost a complete joke anymore, following any crazed nut, putting them on camera and making it appear as if that represents the majority of what silent, normal Americans think. The only news worth watching anymore is The Daily Show with John Stewart, on the Comedy Channel. It represents common sense and a broad look at all parties and sides and does the most excellent job of showing when someone starts pointing a finger of criticizing something, he pulls out the videos of them doing the same thing they are complaining about.

Check out this video of John Stewart calling out the tea party:

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