November 15, 2009

Over the river and through the Grandmother’s house we go...

Thanksgiving is all about family, colors of fall leaves, approaching holidays and as the warmth of the words in the song sung by the Peanuts gang on the Thanksgiving TV special "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special", Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go.... We didn't have to travel over any rivers, but it those words conjure up memories of days gone by when most Baby Boomers can remember only enjoyment of the holidays and being a child. 

As adults, we are the parents and grand parents now, and that's as it should be. We had our turn at childhood, as our parents had before us and our children have now.

This is the video of the Charlie Brown special that originally aired in 1973 and this even includes some of the commercials of the day. It's a annual classic for all ages and a must see before Thanksgiving Day.

We all seem to stop our hectic lives during this time of year, before the rush of shopping for the holidays to travel from wherever we may be to get back home, to be with family and celebrate the love of sharing a single day of thanks with the family.

Thanksgiving also brings us to think of past Thanksgiving holidays, when we were all younger and the core of the family was together with Mom and Dad. This is a great time to get out the pictures of the family and share stories with our surviving moms and dads and youngest family members.

Whatever the situation of your elder family members, whether it be still living with you and in good health, or passed on, or living in a nursing home, take the old pictures out and relive some memories with your aging parents. 

Each day that an older child has their aging parent still with them, even if they are not in good physical or mental health, is a day to reflect on the times ahead, when you will only have the memories.


Beverly Mahone said...

I always remember having to be on my best behavior at Thanksgiving because my parents always invited our Pastor or some other chuch folks to eat with us.

David said...

That would be tuff! Thanks for reading and commenting Beverly!