September 1, 2009

Bill Moyers is spot on with advice for President Obama

Bill Moyers, American journalist and commentator now on PBS, made an appearance on Bill Maher HBO program, Real Time this week and made commentary on the health care debate, the war in Afganistan and general comments on the Repulican and Democratic parties that were, in this author's opinion, spot on correct and the best advice that President Obama should be considering as soon as is possible, if not sooner! 
Bill Moyers is well respected for being the best truest journalist in America today. He served as the associate director of public affairs for the newly created Peace Corps in 1961 and White House Press Secretary during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration.He has been a correspondent for CBS news and has had a program, "Bill Moyer's Journal" on PBS.
Here is a video from HBO's Real Time. Hopefully President Obama will catch Bill Moyers as well.


Paul V. said...

Yep, he's right, it is all about the money. I too, would rather see the White House fight for the right bill and get it defeated than to go with a watered down piece that misses the mark. This is one of those rare cases where half a loaf is not better. The opposition is politically motivated and has continued to resort to their same old arsenal of misinformation, name calling and out and out lies rather than have the guts to debate legitimate issues or concerns. Guess we'll see if the administration is able to find its backbone and play hard ball.

David said...

Thanks for the comment Paul. I love Bill Moyers. He is the smartest and one of the very few true journalists left. I watch his Bill Moyers Journal on PBS as much as I can rather than the mainstream news.