August 27, 2009

New Baby Boomers series on the History Channel

The History Channel is presenting a new series of programs sponsored by AARP about the Baby Boomers and some of the key historic events that occurred during the span of Baby Boomer years.

Stated by the program description, “Our Generation is the new History Channel series that takes you on a journey to visit the places, the people and events that have shaped the largest and most vocal generation in American history: The Baby Boomers.” Some of the key events range from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the Moon Landing.

There is quite a bit of Boomer bashing going on throughout the social media, but it can not be denied, whether you look at the generation of the largest amount of babies born after World War II, they made a definite impact on the world. They brought the age of civil rights, began questioning and protesting against the establishment and government and began the current movement of speaking out against the powerful and thinking about insuring that humans must begin to take care of the planet we live on and how we save it for our future children and generations to come.

Check out the History Channel description and program schedule of Our Generation.

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