July 8, 2009

WINNER of May 2009's Song of the Year Songwriting Contest!!!

It has been nearly a year since I released my CD, "Thoughts of Home" on iTunes, Amazon Music, eMusic, Rhapsody and on my Official Music Site: www.davidlindbergmusic.com. I have entered songs in a few contests and have been trying to break into writing music for film and TV.

I entered the song, "Western Sky" from the CD in the International song writing contest called Song of the Year. It was selected as the winning song in the instrumental category for the month of May. This will enter it into Song of the Year, which is chosen at the end of 2009. Song of the Year also will now distribute the song to many high profile people in the music business, record labels, promoters, etc.

(You can listen to "Western Sky" by clicking play on the music player to the right of this article.)

I also had submitted another song for a critique from professional reviewers, with lyrics and vocals titled, "This is My Promise" which I wrote for wedding ceremonies and have performed many times. My hopes was to find out if it was good or not. I received the review which was rated with very high marks in all feedback categories.

I have a post on my music website with more details on the Song of they Year win and the critique. For more details, go to www.davidlindbergmusic.com

This was another milestone in my efforts to make music my career since leaving my corporate job in 2008.

Michael Jackson was quoted as telling a fan who asked him for his best advice in striving for success. His reply was to never give up, work hard and believe in yourself. He said to not allow yourself to be swayed from your goal by doubters. With the sudden passing of Michael Jackson, this meant so much to me at this point in my life! I have been a musician for over 40 years and have put it in the background for far too long. Now that I am trying to succeed and make a living from music, at this stage of my life, staying on course when I start to doubt myself has never meant more. Michael's words rang true to help me just when I was beginning to have doubts. He was much more "normal" than we all were led to believe! The memorial service showed how human he was... He helped people all over the world and he still helped me know that I can do this... If I Believe!


Beverly Mahone said...

Congratulations David. That is awesome news!!! I love that song also. Let us know if we have to vote for thefinal song--I'll rally my troops :)

David said...

Thanks Beverly! You picked that winner a while ago...you know your stuff :-) There is no voting. It is all done by professionals in the music industry. The judges are major label owners, some big musicians, etc. Actually, some people have gotten recording deals even from winning the monthly contest, so if you want to keep your fingers crossed with me..that may help!