June 23, 2009

Boomster.com - Wealth of information for Baby Boomers

Photo from Boomster.com

In their own statement: "Boomster.com is an information and social network website for dynamic and experienced baby boomers interested in pursuing a full life. Through original articles, videos, and live interviews, boomster provides the latest information on careers and businesses, travel, volunteering, and a wide range of interests from wines to fly fishing to politics. Most importantly, it is a venue where members can meet like-minded people with whom they are able to explore ideas, exchange advice, and develop relationships and friendships."

The site is well organized and visibly pleasing to peak your curiosity and inspire you to find interests and career information that will align your passions with pursuits that will enhance your personal and professional goals.

A website of this type is exactly what Boomers need during the uncertain times that have been suddenly trust upon them, when they were beginning to think of how retirement would look.

Actually, the current economic crisis should be looked at as an opportunity and a wake up call to everyone. Now is the time for us to realize that we have been living our lives in a bit of a cloud of buying on credit and expecting a check to continuously slide into our bank accounts. The Baby Boomer generation has lived through some trying times to be sure, with social injustices, political greed and war, but we have not had to face the hardships that "The Greatest Generation" did during the "Great Depression". There was no unemployment compensation or government help. When the jobs were gone, so were the basic necessities of life, such as food and shelter. This is not to minimize the hardships that thousands are going through right now as so many are losing their homes.

Boomster offers a great deal of help and social connections with others all going through the same issues of life. Check Boomster out, join and begin to do some research on how to spend the future persuing your true passions.

If you would like to take a tour of Boomster before joining, click here.

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