May 18, 2009

Our vacation in Maui - May 2009

Well, we made it! My wife and I have wanted to go to Hawaii sometime in our lives and the goal was at least by her 50th birthday. Thanks to her cousin, who is retired from Delta airlines, they made it financially possible for us to go. They have been to Hawaii many times, so they were our personal tour guides and took us to the best places to see. We got great pics and memories for a lifetime! Many sites, I will never forget!

Here is a video of the sunset as we saw it everyday from our balcony, which was about 50 feet from the ocean. We spent 8 great days in paradise.

From Maui Vacation May 2009

Although these are difficult economical times and I have been trying to get my self employment career going as a musician/freelance writer, you never know what will happen tomorrow and before anything prevented us from going, and because the price was something we couldn't pass up, we took our chance to take a break from life and enjoy each other and some of the most spectacular sites in nature we have ever seen. I highly recommend going to Hawaii at least once in your life!


David said...

We took this picture with our camera. It is not from another source. That is how beautiful almost every view is!

Unknown said...

Fabulous pics - talked to Anita sounds like trip was great!

David said...

It was great! I am so glad we had the opportunity to just do this. It's one of those places you just have to see at least once. Anita's cousins, who made the trip possible for us though some major discounts, have been there numerous times so we had some great tour guides.