January 7, 2009

HELLO 2009!!!

Hello 2009!!!

I think most of us are looking to 2009 to be a turnaround in a new positive direction. Honestly, I feel like the country has practically hit a point where it will naturally begin a pendulum swing in the other direction. This is not something that will flip on like a light switch. This is the beginning of reaching an end point of a long journey and then deciding to go back in the other direction. It’s the first baby steps in the opposite direction. This decade has been one of incredible events that have led to all of the hardships that we are all well aware of. There is no doubt that the amount of Baby Boomers have made a direct impact on all of this, just from sheer numbers. I am placing no blame on any of us, but only saying that if you have a huge number of people of a particular demographic, anything that happens to everyone will greatly be influenced by that largest group. I, for one, am looking to 2009 with HOPE! I am also a practical thinker and always aware that bad things can occur at any time and I am not naive enough to think that 2009 will not have bad things happen, but I rather, am trying to think in a positive way about things such as job loss and new career changes and taking better health choices to strive for a better future.

Let’s all hope that many of the things that we have all faced during 2008 will awake a new effort in us to take better care of ourselves, become more aware of helping others, getting back to basics by buying less useless goods and make better choices by spending our money on things that we really need, saving more and contributing more to charities.

Please have a joyous and healthy New Year and help someone in need whenever you can.

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