August 11, 2008

How do you want to go out of this world?

It seems that Baby Boomers are reinventing how they want to be remembered after death. We all wonder if we will leave a mark on the world, have meaning to our lives or make the world a better place, but what I am referring to here is the actually memorial service. It certainly can't be said that Boomers aren't innovative! We have changed how our culture behaves while we are alive and now we are changing the long time rituals of the memorial service.

I have always thought it is senseless how cemeteries are filling up beautiful landscapes all over our country. Both my wife and I feel that an area of earth for family or anyone to visit to pay respects is silly. There is no need to visit a physical place to think about someone who has passed on. They are as close as your thoughts, any time you want. We both want to be cremated and perhaps scattered over a favorite place in our lives. I for one, have kidded my family that I want to be on the mantle, still overlooking the family members, reminding them of all the advice I've given them during my life. Seriously, I rather be remembered for the love and fond family memories.

Here is an article of some of the new ways Baby Boomers are thinking of to do with their remains:

More funerals feature special requests from families, deceased

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