July 10, 2008

It is time for a NEW energy plan action!

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Who knew??? An oil man actually taking action to push the U.S. toward a new energy source... even if it's for the purpose of making more millions...it is the right direction. This is a action to use social networking on the internet to gather people toward a common goal of taking action to use wind energy to get the U.S. off dependancy of foreign oil. This is better than the wasteful effort to increase more U.S. off shore oil rights, which in the end, only keeps us all dependent on this one energy source. We must diversify.

Check the site out, sign up as a member and read what we can each do to make this the decade and beginning of a century that is looked back on as when we saved our planet!

Here is a link to an article from CNN Oil billionaire Pickens puts his money on wind power

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Anonymous said...

The new power needs to be electrical. We need to add batteries to gas stations. We need to sell cars with a 10 year maintance free lease on the battery, very similer to welding gas bottles. They need to be designed to be vey easy to swap out.
Basicly you pull into a station. They measure the power left in your batterie. They swap it out for a full battery, you pay for the differance, just like filling up a gas tank. You go on your way. The station maintains and recharges the battery for the next customer.
We need to stop looking inside the box. The hardware is sitting on the shelf! I dont have the money to participate in this and it is driving me nuts.
The awnser to electricity is electricity farming. 100years ago a farmer produced enough food for himself and maybe 5 other families. I think power production needs to go the same way. I think huge power production is on the way out. I think power companys will become power distributers. They will collect the power from small producers, deliver it to customers and make there money off the cut in the middle. They will supply the lines and equpiment, and maintain the grid, but they will start buying cheap home grown power, instead of spending billions and fighting tougher and tougher problems, producing power. The awnser is alot of small generators, not a few massive ones. Harness the multiple small horsepower, but cheap systems vrs building a giant coal nuke or whatever plants.
Geothermal is the real awnser. Its failing because people are still stuck in there box! The keep trying to build massive geothermal plants depending on 500* steam to power masssive turbins. This is absoutly unnessary. I can show you how to do the same job on hot water. Say 150* you do have to be above ambient temp, the farther above the better. I acttully desighned a system in the early 90's. I started researching it to try and develope it, and found many other systems similer enough, I decided it wasnt worthwhile. Many already producing commecerial power. As I said above the resources are sitting on the shelf!
It really annoys me to sit here and watch this unfold around me. I do not have the resources, the cash to make anything happen. I do have the knowledge, the awnsers. I can see where we are headed, I just dont have the money to take advantage of this! I feel like an oil man - that knows - he is sitting on a big well, but doesnt have anyway to drill a hole!