June 6, 2008

Going Green.....

There is more exciting news all the time about new innovative ideas to change how we all use energy and effect our planet. It just goes to show that so many things can be done to make our environment better for us and our children, but it just seems so hard to get things going into our everyday lives! It does seems that we are finally moving on this as companies see the value in selling green items. I do feel that although the oil and gasoline crisis at the pump is crazy and we all wonder why things aren't being done to stop or slow it down, this is really making us all take a serious look at changing how we think. Sometimes it takes something to hit us all hard for us to realize that we need to find better ways.

Here is a great site with a lot of information and other site links about going Green. There is some great news from Toyota on new directions for our cars using hydrogen!

Toyota FCHV-adv: improved hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle

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