May 7, 2008

Making our world a better place!

I have been exploring ways to earn income through blogging and came upon a site called Socialspark, which is kind of a social networking site but gives bloggers and advertisers a networking opportunity to help each other. Those who want to market their product or service can have bloggers review them on their own blogs and usually for profit.

There is another use for this networking site and that is for one blogger to review another's blog and in return, they review the other's back. It's a great way of promoting your blog to others.

I came upon the Mom on a Mission blog opportunity. At first glance, this blog appears to be a mom just blogging about her experiences and family, but looking at it closer, the blog is a great source of humanitarian sites that look like very helpful and wonderful websites to help others.

This is the reason I love the Internet and especially the social networking tools that are available to all of us to learn about others and share experiences and give help to others. It gives us all a great opportunity to come together with a common interest and have a powerful voice to help make this a better world.

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