March 7, 2008

Love that hot Java!!!

I love coffee ... and it's not about the caffeine! I just love the taste at certain times of the day and certain places. It's really a "feel good" kind of thing! My family knows that you can't go wrong buying me anything to do with coffee... but I do have my favorites!

A couple of years ago, I purchased a Cuisinart, grind & brew coffee maker due to it's the only maker that I know of that grinds the beans at the last moment before the hot water begins dripping through it. There's no grinding beans in a separate grinder and saving in a container, in which it will be not as fresh the next day. I obviously always buy only whole beans.

I was also under the impression that I could store my whole beans in the refrigerator or freezer and therefore keep it's freshness longer. I have learned that this is not so. Whole beans should be kept at room temperature and used within 4 weeks for ultimate freshness. This is not to say that longer than that is bad... just that it's freshness is at it's utmost for 4 weeks after roasted.

This brings another fact to mind... that you have no idea how old the beans are when you buy them at the store, unless from some specialty coffee maker.

I love to tell all the people I know and who also know how much I love coffee, that I now have found a local neighborhood business
( )

that buys raw beans from around the world, roasts them with their own process and really because I live close by, they arrive the very next day after they roasted them!!!! It doesn't get any fresher than that my friends!!!

I absolutely LOVE their coffees!!! I have recommended a few of my friends to try them out also. I am in heaven with every cup now. Fresh roasted beans, delivered to me the day after they are roasted, ever so gently placed into my Cuisinart coffee maker, ground and dripped into the carafe.... argh...argh...argh (home improvement TV show... for those who understand the reference.. :-) !!!!

I ahhh... have to go now..... it's... ahhh... time to grind & brew me up some a dat JakesJava right now!

Try them out. They will ship to you and they use Paypal for payment. Feel free to send them your feedback via their email address on their site.
and by all means......... make sure you tell em I sent you... and ENJOY!!!

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