February 27, 2008

My Articles on The Bloogle - A Blogging Experience

The blogging site called The Bloogle (http://www.thebloogle.com/) is a great site to gain some added exposure to your writing. Here's a quote from their site - "Thebloogle.com has formed an alliance with writers and journalists and people who are experts in their own fields. These folks want to share their knowledge, expertise, and passion with others. They are enthusiastic about writing and are committed to bringing informative content to others." I have a couple of posts so far... one in the Family & Kids Blog and another in Everything Else Blog.

This is a really good idea to get a cross section of various kinds of writers all in one place.

Check the site out and let me know what you think........


Anonymous said...


It wasn't clear to me what The Bloggle is supposed to be. Can anyone submit a blog on any topic?


David said...

No, you don't just submit articles. You really need to read the FAQ's, Terms and Contribute sections. I suggest it because of the aspect of more visibility because the many bloggers there.