November 20, 2008

Five ways to keep Alzheimer's away -

A new article about Alzheimer's from CNN with information about 5 ways to prevent or help hold off the disease.

Five ways to keep Alzheimer's away -

This is information that Boomers want to know as many struggle with their aging parents, not only for help with them but to find out ways to possibly prevent the same health issues happening to themselves!

As I have written about in many articles in this blog, under the folders, Hannah's Journey and Alzheimer's, my mother has had Alzheimer's for the last year and our whole family has dealt with the phases of this disease, from "what is she talking about" to it's so hard to go visit her at the nursing home because "that is not mom, or grama".

I have a lot of good information within the articles in Hannah's Journey and Alzheimer's folders, for those who may be going through any part of this terrible disease within their family. If anyone ever has any questions or would like to vent, please feel free to contact me at

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Daddy's Girls said...

We know what you mean. Our grandma also suffered from alzheimers and she unfortunately passed away a few years ago. It was always sad, her husband who had died a few years before was still her. She would say, "where's Pete? Is he down at the store?" It was such a devastation when she passed she had a great heart and we will always love her. Good luck with everything!! Check out our blog at we talk alot about music too : )